A little about Jayke:
I’m a queer, trans, hard of hearing, disabled artist, based in the Boston area since 2014. I’m currently collaborating on a small Etsy store called Dancing Dog Arts¬†and producing small commissioned artworks for folks.

My artistic specialties are animals, drawn in both realistic and cartoon styles on a medium to small scale. I work primarily in traditional mediums and do a little in digital art.

In my free time I enjoy bird watching and hiking and generally spending time in nature. I have fun training my dog to do strange things, and taking care of entirely too many plants.

Line break: A small drawing that depicts three stylized small potted plants framed by two horizontal lines
A white, masculinely presenting person wearing a black hoodie and glasses. They are smiling and sitting behind a black and white boxer dog who has his tongue stuck out and is looking to the left of the frame.